Trainings in Sagarejo

Date Added: 14 November 2015 / 13:39

13th of November, 2015, The Center for Foreign Students Rights Protection and Integration organized training course ”Future Generation” in Sagarejo, Center for Engagement. Main topics of the training course were: Civil society, role of election in improving of democratic values, importance of education in personal development, establishing strong civil society and peace-building. Volunteer from India represented her country, traditions, culture. Session was interactive and inspired all the local youth. In the final phase of the event participants were divided into groups in order to complete tasks and discuss what causes them denial to comprehensive education, to answer the question: What is the education and what role does it play in their future. 25 participants were involved in event from Sagarejo. Above mentioned event will take place monthly in different regions of Georgia. ”Caucasus Youth Nexus” is thankful to the Center for Civic Engagements for their support and help.


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