Walls of Connection in Marneuli – Earth Day 2019

Date Added: 25 April 2019 / 12:43

On 22nd of April, Earth Day, MasterPeace Georgia organized an event in Marneuli! We should note that representatives of Marneuli Municipality helped us to carry out this wonderful event.

We painted the wall in the framework of the project “Act” that has four different directions, such as: Walls of Connection, Storytelling, Concerts and Conferences. Walls of Connection aims at creating graffiti based on the needs and problems of society. The main idea is to help young artists, empower youth and raise awareness about the existing problems. The idea of our very first graffiti is to promote intercultural dialogue and to take care of our planet Earth.

We should also mention that during the event more than 50 volunteers joined us. We were really proud with our result at the end!

MasterPeace Georgia wants to thank artist – Tornike Melikidze for his amazing work!


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