working meeting with center for crime prevention

Date Added: 27 July 2018 / 19:27

26th of July, 2018, “Caucasus Youth Nexus” and “MasterPeace Georgia” in cooperation with Center for Crime Prevention organized first working meeting under the framework of project “Youth Reflex 2.0”. During the meeting representatives of both institutions discussed the working/action plan and specific activities that are planned to be carried out during the project by the involvement of civil society organizations and representatives of Center for Crime Prevention. “Youth Reflex 2.0” includes various non-formal educational activities dedicated to awareness-raising of youth in the field of civic activism and legal issues; Aims of the project “Youth Reflex 2.0” in municipalities of Khashuri, Gori and Marneuli; *To respond, solve and eliminate cases of crimes related to light-drug abuse and domestic violence, through youth activism and inclusion; *To support communication and confidence building between young people and law enforcement agencies; Caucasus Youth Nexus and MasterPeace Georgia offers their gratitude to Center for Crime Prevention for their support and commitment in the project.



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