World Clean-up Day In Kaspi Municipality.

Date Added: 27 September 2022 / 14:15

On September 17th, we held a large-scale event for World clean-up Day 2022 in Kaspi. With the involvement of the Kaspi City Hall, Partner non-governmental organization Komli and our volunteers, we cleaned the surrounding area of ​​the city, as a result of which up to 500 kg of waste was collected. We should note that within the scope of the event, we did not limit ourselves to the cleaning action only and decided to paint the walls with an environmental theme in all our partner municipalities.
Our wall paintings served to raise environmental awareness and create an eco-culture in society.
The main content of the painting on the wall is – there is no planet B. Four walls were painted in four municipalities (Kaspi, Khashuri, Marneuli, Bolnis) as part of the World Cleanup Day on September 17-18. More than 300 clean-up activities were held throughout Georgia with the involvement of our leaders, partner organizations, and eco-friendly activists.
Let’s Do It Georgia would like to thank all leaders, organizations, and volunteers for their involvement. World Cleaning Day 2022 is being implemented in Georgia with the support of the Estonian center for international development.


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