World Cleanup Day 2019

Date Added: 22 September 2019 / 15:41

On September 21st, the whole world joined “Let’s Do It” movement to clean up our planet! According to collected data, 18,691,868 people in 179 countries and territories joined the World Cleanup Day 2019. In Georgia main cleanup action was organized near Rustavi Highway, where we collected approximately 10 000 litres of trash! Big thanks to the main supporters of WCD 2019 in Georia “SOCAR Georgia Petroleum” and “CENN / USAID WMTR II Program”.❤️ Let’s Do It World movement took a start in 2008 in Estonia, where 50 000 people decided to clean up the whole country in 5 hours. After this, the movement has spread in the whole world and today we have reached the biggest results! Collection of waste is not an ultimate solution, but it’s the first step towards the clean future. ♻️✅ Let’s Do It World – a global movement that supports and connects a new generation of community leaders, who are ready to act together to find lasting solutions for the waste problem in their countries.ნThe aim of World Cleanup Day is not only to pick up waste, but to also raise awareness of the severity of the global climate crisis, drive behaviour change towards less consumption and induce companies, organisations and governments to adopt more sustainable environmental policies. #WorldCleanupDay #Letsdoit


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