World Environment Day 2020

Date Added: 05 June 2020 / 14:17

Today is World Environment Day! It’s time to celebrate, and we invite you all to organize a Zero Waste picnic for your family or friends. Have it in your living room, on your balcony, in your garden, in a park, on the sidewalk, in any walking distance location you can get to!

How to do a picnic with out wasting anything?

1) Don’t use fuelled transportation to get to the spot
2) Use washable cutlery, picnic cloth and napkins
3) Plan your meal and package it in reusable containers
4) Challenge yourself to all the ways you can make it zero waste!

See? No waste! Enjoy it, and post a picture of your ZERO WASTE picnic!


Now it’s time to do something really important! There is only one thing that stops the World from becoming better, cleaner, safer, healthier, and more equal for all living beings. It’s the way we think! So, today promise yourself and to the World, that:

You will never again think that your actions don’t change the world. Everything you do, makes an impact on the World!


Today, it’s all about picking up new skills and knowledge! Do these two things and the World will change:

1) Volunteer – choose an organization that makes an impact in your own community!
2) Learn something new all the time. You can start by listening to a TED talk about Nature:


Now that you have changed somethings for yourself, don’t forget to share your tips with a friend! Knowledge and awareness are important in protecting our nature. You can suggest anything we proposed yesterday or the day before, or you can choose something from this list and suggest it to a friend:

1) Grow your own herbs at home on a windowsill – this is the first step to having Nature inside your own home.
2) Organize your belongings and see what you have too much or just enough – you may never need to buy anything again, because you have all that you need already!
3) If you can, donate monthly an NGO whose ecological efforts you believe in. This helps them work better for your environment!


Today we propose 4 things to reduce at home, that make your life environmentally friendly:

1) Get rid of the food waste – plan your meals,shop with a list, share your leftovers with those in need, or put into your freezer for the future, start composting what you can’t use.
2) Do not use disposable products – drinking straws, balloons, plastic and paper cups, single use cutlery and plates, plastic covers etc. Can you use a washable one?
3) Reduce the plasticpackaging – shop with cloth bags and weaved baskets, buy in bulk into your own containers, shop small stores and markets with local produce that is not heavily packaged.
4) Reduce your clothing consumption – buy ethical, local and very good quality products that last you longer. Buy only what you need! You’ll save a tons of money.

Have you ever celebrated World Environment Day? Hundreds and thousands of companies, organizations and individuals are taking steps #forNature this year.

Follow our daily tips and you’ll be helping our environment to thrive!

Today, choose 5 things you can do to take care of yourself. Change begins with you and when you feel good, you do good. There 5 things you can do for free and they help the environment, too!

1) Borrow a book from a library or a friend, and enjoy reading it.
2) Cook with your family, with children and parents. The chore becomes fun time together.
3) Hike in your neighbourhood, go discover what is there.
4) Meditate – a focused mind is a good problem solver.
5) Sing and dance – they bring joy even if you are not very good at it.


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