Youth Conference – #STAY

Date Added: 17 June 2019 / 19:07

On 15th of June, “Caucasus Youth Nexus” and “MasterPeace Eastern Partnership and Central Asia Regional Hub” implemented a conference called #Stay in the framework of the project “Creative Twinning – Act”. Conference mentioned above was carried out in the International University of Governance and Communication – Alterbridge.

The main topic of the conference was internal and external migration, as well as brain drain. The project “Creative Twinning – Act” took place last year, in October and it has four main directions: Walls of Connection, Digital Storytelling, Concerts and Conferences. Till now we managed to carry out 10 Storytelling activities, paint two walls with graffiti art in Xashuri and Marneuli, organize a charity concert on the international children’s day and finally to host a conference #Stay.

The main idea and aim of the conference was to:
1) Raise awareness about the challenges and problems young people are facing in our country
2) Pay attention to the brain drain and what’s the cause behind that
3) Empower young people with different tools, such as: social entrepreneurship, youth activism, non-formal education, etc.
4) Develop a list of recommendations and concrete plan for the future activities

Conference was attended by the international and regional organizations, as well as public bodies such as: Marneuli municipality, Rustavi municipality, USAID, Proactive Georgia, Public Defender’s Office, Embassy of the Royal Kingdom of the Netherlands, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Crime Prevention Center, TBC Bank etc.

Problems and challenges we discussed during the conference will help us to develop a concrete plan for our future activities.

“Caucasus Youth Nexus” and “MasterPeace Eastern Partnership and Central Asia Regional Hub” wants to thank all the participants and speakers for an amazingly fruitful conference! We would like to say special thanks to the International University of Governance and Communication – Alterbridge for hosting our wonderful and experienced guests!


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