Youth Exchange in Armenia – Balancing Happiness 2.0

Date Added: 24 October 2019 / 16:33

From 11th till 19th of September Georgian participants took part in Erasmus+ youth exchange – “Balancing Happiness 2.0“. The program took place in Stepanavan, Armenia and brought together 36 participants from 6 different countries such as Germany, Ukraine, Italy, Lithuania, Georgia, and Armenia.

Aims of the project were:
-To promote and explore the concept of happiness;
-To provide them with different methods and tools to explore the topic of happiness and a healthy lifestyle;
-To supply participants with innovative tools and methods, as well as practical experiences, which can be used in promoting holistic healthy & more.

During the project, participants were involved in the activities which were dedicated to implementing mental and physical happiness and intrinsic motivation among them. They were able to understand the importance of mental and physical health for the balanced life through having deep discussions around the issues linked to mental awareness. They’ve been practicing gratitude exercises, trying yoga, martial arts and traditional dances from professionals.

We can proudly announce that young participants have gained the competence of 21st-century skills such as critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity, problem-tackling, working on important issues related to basic human needs to all in all, make a change and make an impact across the Georgian society.


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