Youth Exchange in Spain – “Active Acting”

Date Added: 27 December 2018 / 23:47

“Active Acting” is a youth exchange, which took place in Vilagarcía de Arousa, Spain, 10 – 18 December 2018. The main aim of this project was to involve 50 participants from 10 different countries (Spain, Greece, Romania, Poland, Italy, Malta, Macedonia, Serbia Georgia and Latvia), in order to work together and develop theatrical activities to promote the respect and the knowledge about the concept of cultural identity. Within the framework of the project, there were four representatives from Georgia Tatia Pharadashvili Nino Koshoridze Gvantsa Nazarashvili and Nino Muladze. The main idea of the project is essentially to carry out several interactive and instructive activities that we used to spread knowledge and competences about multiculturalism, and to fight against the xenophobia and hate, through theatre and acting activities. The project gave us following skills and knowledge: – Organisational skills crucial for creating and implementing local projects on social inclusion back at home, especially theatrical activities. – Deeper knowledge and understanding about cultural identities.
– Intercultural competences and better understanding of people from different backgrounds.
– Understanding of how theatrical plays are made. What kind of activities should be in it, how to make it interesting and how to connect it with cultural and historical issues.
– Self-assessment and self-reflection methods to better understand themselves.


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