Youth Exchange “It Is Not A Myth”

Date Added: 14 July 2019 / 11:17

On July 11th we started an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “It Is Not A Myth” in Bakuriani, Georgia. The project brought together 40 participants from 8 countries: The Netherlands, Germany, Greece, Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia and Turkey.

Aims of the project are:
-To let youth discuss the importance of literature in today’s age;
-To raise awareness on why literature is useful;
-To establish a network of like-minded youth, organizations and individuals who are interested in further exchange in the topics discussed
-To create a space for intercultural dialogue between diverse participants
-To use intercultural dialogue and literature as a medium to fight hate speech

We started the first day by opening the project, name games and ice-breakers, which helped participants to come out of their comfort zones and break down barriers between each other. During team building activities, theatre-plays and group presentations, they had an opportunity to connect with newly-made friends and together they will explore the importance of literature across different countries and cultures during the next 8 days.


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