Youth Reflex 2.0 School of Leaders 2

Date Added: 07 November 2018 / 23:29

On November 3-5, 2018, under the project of “Youth Reflex 2.0”, series of training courses and workshops were held “School of Leaders 2” for 20 young people from Marneuli, Gori and Khashuri municipalities. “School of Leaders 2” aims to strengthen young activists who set up youth centers in Khashuri, Gori and Marneuli municipalities and work on issues such as domestic violence and the attitude of young people to police. The main topics of the training were: team work, team building and strengthening the capacity of youth groups, motivation, leadership skills, youth activism and its importance, acquiring project writing skills and planning future activities of youth centers. Participants presented presentations in the first stage of the Leadership School, where they shared the analysis of the problems in the municipality and the various statistical data after the presentations were held discussions where the participants discussed the ways of solving the existing problems. The last part of the trainings, participants created the action plan for months of November, December and January, where they will implement informational campaings and meetings with other youngsters in their respective municipalities in order to share and disseminate knowledge and expertise acquired during the program, as well as to implement the project within the framework of the “round table”, where the representatives of police and young people will be discussing communication and interaction among youth and police authorities, needs and the importance of the restoration of trust between each other. The project is implemented with the support of Open Society Georgia Foundation. Caucasus Youth Nexus expresses gratitude to the Human Rights Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Crime Prevention Center, for the Cooperation of Youth Affairs Departments of Khashuri, Gori and Marneuli municipalities.


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