Caucasus Youth Nexus celebrated its fifth  anniversary

Date Added: 18 February 2018 / 16:23

17th of February 2018, Caucasus Youth Nexus celebrated its fifth  anniversary together with founders, organization’s staff, interns and friends.

Caucasus Youth Nexus was founded 17th of February 2013, by group of students of Tbilisi State University, faculty of social and political sciences.

Caucasus Youth Nexus operates with different working directions, one of the main goals of the organization is to implement European democratic values into society, increasing of political and civil awareness of youth by using methods of non-formal education, strengthening and enhancing youth capacities by promoting civil activism and inclusion, protection and integration of ethnic, religious and other minorities into society.

We partner various organizations from different countries of the world such as “MasterPeace”, “Let’s Do It World” and “Rotary”. Our organization is the part of “Civil Society Forum” (CSF), accredited and partner organization of Council of Europe Youth Foundation, accredited organization of European Voluntary Service (EVS) as sending and hosting organization.

Moreover, Caucasus Youth Nexus cooperates with over 50 international civil society organizations and 15 local organizations.

Caucasus Youth Nexus offers its gratitude to all members, interns, volunteers, partner organizations and all friends from all around the world for 5 years of fruitful cooperation.


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