Clean-up Activity in Rustavi

Date Added: 29 April 2022 / 09:01

🔈As you know, the Green Movement “Lets Do It Georgia” on April 16, in the city of Rustavi, with the involvement of the local municipality and our volunteers, cleaned the area around the car market.

✅♻️During the cleaning, we ensured the separate collection of waste, in particular, up to 100 kg of plastic bottles, which we handed over to Polyvim Ltd. for recycling.

👉🏼 ℹ️For information, one of the most important pollutants in the environment is plastic bottles. The latter is the most widely used today and it takes 450 years to fully disintegrate. It is very dangerous for the environment, because it does not decompose for a long time, emits harmful gases when in contact with other products, and also occupies a large place in the landfill.


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