Earth Day 2019 – Intellectual Game in Mziuri

Date Added: 26 April 2019 / 20:18

On Earth Day 2019 we organized an exciting intellectual quiz, where visitors of the park had a chance to participate and answer questions about the environment. As small gifts we offered our stickers, fruit and sweets.

Main aim of the event was to raise awareness about important environmental issues, to encourage the popularization of green lifestyle in the society and to spend exciting few hours together.

Participants for this educational activity were different ages and nationalities, who shared their opinions and ideas about ecological situation in Georgia. We introduced our organization and discussed future plans, about how we can contribute to saving our planet.

It’s important not to forget that every day is earth day, and we shouldn’t forget to show support for preserving the earth’s resources, protecting the environment and raise awareness of the ways to do so.


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