Erasmus+ in Czech Republic, 22 April-1 May

Date Added: 08 May 2022 / 16:51

Within the framework of the Erasmus + program, from April 22 to May 1, a training course and startup hackathon “Startup camp: Find your Ikigai” was held in Blansko, Czech Republic. Over 30 participants from Georgia, Czech Republic, Armenia, Latvia, Croatia, Italy and Belarus participated.

During the training, participants were given the opportunity to learn more about self-development, presentation skill, project management, marketing and finance. They explored the business model canva, with the help of which they created and developed their own entrepreneurial ideas. The project organized a 24-hour hackathon, at the end of which the authors of the best startup ideas were awarded.

The participants of the project also visited the JIC International Office in Brno, where they got acquainted with new innovative startups and all the opportunities that this institution offers.

One of the most important parts of the project was the concept “Find your IKIGAI”. Through a variety of group and individual work, participants were able to better understand themselves, their aspirations and future goals. Then, based on these goals, work on your own startup ideas.

Caucasus Youth Nexus thanks the organizers @proactive network for their hard work.


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