Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “Open Your Mind–Emotional Intelligence for Intercultural Awareness”

Date Added: 05 April 2022 / 16:03

What is emotional intelligence? How does a person with high emotional intelligence act? What happens when there is a lack of emotional intelligence in a society? 

These and other interesting questions were answered by young people coming from seven countries in Bakuriani, Georgia between 23 March – 1 April. These countries were: Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Netherlands, France, Germany and Croatia. The Youth Exchange “Open Your Mind – Emotional Intelligence for Intercultural Awareness” was based on Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) and Non-Formal Education (NFL) methodologies. 

Participants explored their own emotional intelligence and worked together to develop social-emotional skills, such as self-awareness, emotion regulation, respect, empathy, active listening, conflict management, social awareness, understanding own strengths and weaknesses, critical thinking, relationship building, goal-setting and responsible decision-making. 

Intercultural learning mobilities offer a perfect opportunity to develop the above-mentioned skills. Participants managed to overcome existing cultural and language barriers and reach their learning goals by supporting each other, being inclusive and sharing their knowledge and experience.

Each country groups prepared and implemented their own workshops, which will be collected in one tool-kit and shared on our website together with other learning tools used during the project. 

The Youth Exchange was implemented within the Erasmus+ Program, through the cooperation between Caucasus Youth Nexus and MED13 NGO.


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