Finishing up the Youth Exchange – “One Step Ahead”

Date Added: 12 November 2019 / 14:57

On the 1-10th of February Caucasus Youth Nexus organized youth exchange in Bakuriani, that was fourth activity under the framework of the Erasmus + KA2 project “One Step Ahead”. Four organizations are involved in the implementation of the project: “Youth Power” – Sweden, “INVENTO” – Moldova, “FUNDACJA AUTOKREACJA” – Poland and “Caucasus Youth Nexus” – Georgia.
“One Step Ahead” is 18 months long project, that aims to develop and promote social entrepreneurship in participant countries (Sweden, Georgia, Poland, Moldova). This is the Fourths Activity under the project that was preceded by the training in Poland, local fieldwork activities in four partner countries and the seminar in Sweden.
On this Youth exchange we have 7 participant from each country and we are implementing the workshops and sessions that was developed in Sweden as a Toolkit. Which includes using creative approaches to learn social entrepreneurship.
The main aims of the project “One Step Ahead” are:
– Empowering youth workers and promoting social entrepreneurship.
– Creating and testing new ways of teaching Social Entrepreneurship; Creating innovative teaching methodologies, implementation and promotion in partner countries.
– Sharing best practices and experiences, between the organizations that are working in the same field.
– Creating recommendations for the law makers to help the sector develop.
Under the framework of the project several social entrepreneurs were surveyed, we prepared the document for the main challenges of the sector and also achievements. We trained around 200 youngsters from different municipalities. With our active involvement and efforts two social enterprises were established, Graffiti Georgia (GG) in Tbilisi and GMT Crafts in Kaspi Municipality.
Caucasus Youth Nexus expresses gratitude to all partner organizations for active involvement and we hope that from 2020 we will continue our work with new strategy.


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