GMM 2019

Date Added: 14 September 2019 / 18:00

#Greatmindsmeeting2019 #MASTERPEACE 9 of September 2019, under the theme of #FeelFree.. We invited a SOLD OUT venue at our #GreatMindsMeeting 2019 of the best minds in business, non-profits, art, government to come together to discuss on 7 topics of Freedom, tackling democracy, equality, migration and integration, identity and respect, freedom of speech, fake news and cyber-security and privacy. During the conference organizers cared our 7 different and creative workshop regarding 7 different topic of the meeting. Different MASTERPEACE clubs were invited during the GMM 2019, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Germany and Albania. #Greatmindsmeeting2019 #MASTERPEACE


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