MasterPeace 8th Global Boot-Camp in Tunisia

Date Added: 15 October 2019 / 18:58

Representatives of “MasterPeace Georgia” and “Caucasus Youth Nexus” attended 8th edition of the Global Bootcamp in Monastir, Tunisia from 7-11 October 2019, bringing together 62 participants from 54 MasterPeace Clubs representing 38 countries with the main goal to align and strengthen the global peace movement. Under the theme “Tunisia, The Peace – The Dialogue”, MasterPeace launched its 8th edition of the Global Bootcamp in Tunisia – the movement’s flagship event held every year to bring MasterPeace Club leaders together for few days of intense interactions and discussions for taking the next steps as a global grassroots movement. The event meant translating the strategy of MasterPeace of ‘Creating campaigns, concepts and funding. Together’ into action. Since its first edition, the MasterPeace Bootcamp has evolved every year from an occasion to meet and catch up towards a meaningful momentum within the movement to strengthen leadership, share best practices and create new partnerships. The event invites MasterPeacers to inspire and be inspired, build personal interconnections and boost professional growth. The theme of this year was focused on facilitating dialogue, inspired by the Tunisian experience of transitional peace-building through national dialogue, which served as a cross-cutting element throughout the entire event. In addition, the event offered a chance to share the Club leaders’ expertise on several topics related to (digital) storytelling and social entrepreneurship among other concepts, starting from the common ground and knowledge we already possess as a network, and building further from there. Through regional “pressure-cooker” workshops, the Global Bootcamp also presented a crucial opportunity to discuss co-creating concepts and funding opportunities, and design new regional and global campaigns that address (G)local needs.


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