Meeting with Guram Tateshvili

Date Added: 11 March 2022 / 09:23

📌On the 7th of May, there was held a motivational webinar with Guram Tateshvili.

🔷We could ask questions at the webinar, talk about motivation, success, and professions and hear about Guram’s experience.

🔷We had a chance to hear some information, which helped us continue approaching our goals, increase motivation, and find our inspiration.

🟣In addition, Guram shared three main pieces of advice to the youth: 1) To study and use every opportunity; 2)To utilize the 1/10 method, set aside 1/10 from our income and save it so that we can live more stably. 3)Let’s control our EGO, do not think that we are always the smartest in the room.

🟣He also advised us to increase our competencies in the following: Programming, Advertising, E-marketing, E-commercial, and IT. Because it is one of the most in-demand areas and there is a big problem of finding staff.

☑️Finally, the webinar went very productively, we will share more details from the webinar and continue the webinar series, as well.
Stay with us.


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