Meeting with Municipality Representatives of Tetritskaro

Date Added: 08 March 2022 / 16:25

📣Project “One Step Ahead” successfully continues the planned activities
🔵This time we held a meeting with the support organization PACE, the team of the Caucasus Youth Union, representatives of local youth organizations, the representative of Tetritskaro City Hall Giorgi Tsiklauri, and representatives of sports, education, and youth activities of the municipality.
🟡At the meeting we discussed the initiative “Stay” and the project “One Step Ahead”. the goals, objectives, and activities of the project which is planned in Tetritskaro and Marneuli municipalities.
🔵At the meeting, we talked about the challenges and needs of young people. Promoting employment and creating jobs for youth is a top priority in the municipality to reduce youth migration and “brain drain” across both the municipality and the country.
🟡In addition, within our cooperation, various educational and environmental initiatives have been planned, which will be implemented in stages from March with the involvement of local youth.
🔵After the meeting in the municipality, we visited Tetritskaro Youth Center, where we were introduced to current projects and shared experiences. We talked about the challenges that local young people face and what organizations can work to support them.
🟡The youth initiative “Stay” thanks the partner organization PACE for the successful implementation of this project.
➡️The project is supported by the Estonia Development Cooperation Agency.


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