Project “Tell Me About You”

Date Added: 03 March 2020 / 17:43

Our team members were participating in Upstream Stories project “Tell Me About You” in Moldova, from 22-29 February 2020.

“Tell Me About You” is a three-stage project. First, stage-training was held in Denmark. The second stage was a local workshop in Georgia. And the third stage was a sum-up training course in Moldova.

Here is one Georgian participant’s comment:
“Hi, I’m Mariam. I have participated in all three stages which have had a huge impact on me. With the experience gained in Denmark, I have been able to do a wonderful workshop in my country, Georgia which I am very proud of. After our workshop, some of the participants even expressed their desire to become a part of the same project and become a facilitator, which I think is a big progress. Meeting in Moldova was special for me because it gave me more knowledge in digital storytelling and about its methods, also delivered me the workshop as well. During The project, I met a lot of interesting, people, with whom I am planning to do more projects in the future.”


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