Sharing Stories-Building Bridges – Local Workshop in Gori

Date Added: 22 November 2019 / 14:18

During 16-19 of November our participants from the project “Sharing Stories, Building Bridges – Digital Storytelling For Promoting Dialogue” organized a local workshop in Gori. Nino Koshoridze, a young youth worker from Gori learned the methodology of digital storytelling during the training course in August 2019, and was able to share her knowledge with her peers, including our volunteer Ana Papelishvili, and together they implemented a local workshop with young people from Gori. They gathered 12 participants and guided them through creating amazing videos which told individual stories.

On the first day they had several warm-up exercises, in order to get familiar with each other and become comfortable with telling personal stories. Video-making process was a bit challenging, but interesting for everyone. On the last day they organized a screening for their digital stories and celebrated the finished result of their work.

Our participants not only learned how to create a digital story, but they also learned how to open up in front of a group of people and tell their unique story.

The project is supported by Swedish Institute.


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