Social Entrepreneurship Competition FINAL STAGE

Date Added: 08 August 2019 / 20:05

On the 5th of August the third stage of the social entrepreneurship competition was held at Kaspi Municipality. Six groups of youngsters represented their Social enterprise ideas to the Independent Judges. The judges evaluated each Ideas and revealed the best one. The name of the winning team is “GMT Crafts”, participants: Giorgi Topuria, Mariam Khechikashvili, Tamar Tchighladze. Winning team will get 5000GEL grant from Kaspi Municipality City Hall.

The judges evaluated Social enterprise Ideas with two majoc criteria: Social and Business. On the one hand, they evaluated the sustainability potentian of the business idea. On the second hand it’s social influence on the environment and other stakeholders. Caucasus Youth Nexus expresses gratitude to the all members of Judge.

Also we are thanking to the Kaspi Municipality City Hall for support and successful cooperation. We want to congratulate to the winning team achieved success. We also thank to the rest participants and wish them to achieve their aims in the future.


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