Walls of Connection in Marneuli city

Date Added: 21 September 2017 / 21:21

21st of September, 2017 ”MasterPeace Georgia” and ”Caucasus Youth Nexus” organized painting activity under the celebration of the week of International Day of Peace. MasterPeace Georgia joined the global initiative known as ”Walls of Connection”, which took place in over 45 countries in all over the world. Walls of Connection offers the different concept of the walls, where they unite societies instead of dividing them. In the process of painting MasterPeace invited local youth from ethnic Azerbaijani minorities, they had an opportunity to paint another wall together with Georgian youth. Moreover, to help painter in the main wall.

Main themes of the painting were tolerance, education, peaceful coexistence and environment protection on climate change, that are related to focus of MasterPeace Eastern partnership and central Asia regional hub, regarding the sustainable development goals such as: Quality education, climate action, sustainable cities and peace and justice. MasterPeace believes in the power of art – Creation Above Destruction. Young artists are driving force of peace and positive changes in societies.

MasterPeace Georgia offers its gratitude to Marneuli local municipality’s local self-government for the support and cooperation.

Event was covered by local TV-channels and radio stations.
Artist: Tornike Melikidze



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