Youth Initiative “STAY”

Date Added: 19 February 2021 / 21:31

Youth Initiative “STAY”
The idea of the initiative “STAY” was generated as a result of the continuous projects implemented for young people, research, meetings and trainings. In each region of Georgia where we have worked young people perceive unemployment, lack of opportunities and development as the biggest existing challenge. Since 2017 our organization is actively working on the development of concept of social entrepreneurship in Georgia. The initiative #STAY will unite young people, local and international stakeholders, public institutions and youth organizations. This will become a guarantee of positive change.
The youth initiative #STAY is corresponding to the existing reality and challenges, which unites young people of Georgia. The migration statistics recorded in recent years are alarming, which are presented below: according to Geostat ( the migration statistics of young people aged 17-30 in 2013 amounted to – 5 782, in 2014 – 6 823, in 2015 – 5 538, in 2016 – 5 66, in 2017 – 3 644, and in 2018 – 4 785.
Due to the challenges in the country, the alliance of our organizations MasterPeace Georgia, CaYNex, Let’s do it – Georgia and Rotaract Club of Tbilisi International decided to launch a new initiative, the vision of which is based on the development and empowerment of young people living in the rural areas of Georgia.
Our mission:
To promote youth self-employment and economic empowerment in their community, through education, social entrepreneurship and youth activism.
1. Introduce social entrepreneurship as a tool for youth empowerment and economic well-being.
2. Raise awareness about social entrepreneurship through educational activities.
3. Increase opportunities for both individuals and specific entrepreneurs through the development of social entrepreneurship.
4. Introduce a model of community transformation, which involves connecting, deepening and strengthening the cooperation among: individuals, youth organizations, business sector and public institutions.
5. Develop skills and competencies in relevance to contemporary challenges.
The movement will assist young people in the following areas:
1. Non-formal education
2. Study of social entrepreneurship
3. Work on business projects
4. Finding donors and sponsors
5. Introduce best practices
6. Involvement in educational activities abroad
7. Promoting employment at the local level


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